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Local support

In these times of more and more control by our governments and the private sector, where poverty is creeping in on an increasing level, it’s important to start communities where people support each other. Wether this is a virtual or a physical community, it is important to connect. 

Where are we now

Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt


Every human being has the right for a decent standard of living. That means a roof over their head, warmth, nourishing food, a natural environment with clean soil, clean water and clean air. Not to forget a nourishing social environment and healthcare.

In our current world we see an absence of many of these aspects. Our soil is polluted with chemicals, our water is far from clean and the air we breath is full of toxic chemicals, etc. We are being poisoned.

There is a tendency to globalise everything and to create a technocratic totalitarian world order where the average human being is just a pawn in the game of Elites. Democracy is non existent, there is no voice of the people anymore. Technology is used against us, the people. Scarcity and fear is created as a means of control.

Where do we want to go

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Our future is positive

Jacquline Hobbs, Oracle Girl

We want to have this positive future for every living being, being human or else. Being able to breath clean air, drink pure water, eat nutritious food and be free. I believe the answer to this tendency of globalisation is localisation, going to local communities who are more or less autonomous. Unlike what we are taught (control through the illusion of scarcity), there is enough of everything in this world but highly uneven distributed. There will be a huge interdependency between communities and this asks for a high level communication and interaction.

Local communities

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

Coretta Scott King

Communities are collectives of people with a common goal. A forest is a collective of living beings that is constantly supporting each other (see: The Hidden Life of Trees).Their goal you might say is to continue life and to evolve. That is how nature is programmed.

“Compassionate actions” means for me caring for each other. Like in a forest the plants support others who experience difficulties.

In our highly individualistic societies many have forgotten. Our neighbours are often anonymous, we don’t know them apart from an occasional “good morning”, “how are you”, without waiting for a response. In essence this is not our nature, we are caring and loving beings!

Within communities we can come back to our caring and loving origin and that needs some deprogramming. Our programming comes from the institutions that shaped our societies over millennia and other forces like advertising and not to forget; our upbringing. 

Also our parents and caretakers (and many generations before them) have been programmed and passed it on to us, without conscious knowing. It is important to understand they did the best they could! They are not to blame. It is our job to deal with the damage and heal so the programming stops with this generation of humans.

In essence we are already part of a community, the global community of Human Beings. We are connected but most of us lost the ability to sense that connection.

It is time to recreate or more accurate, reestablish our interconnectedness in local communities, where we can care for and support each other from a place of pure love, the beings we are.

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