The glue for people in our future society will be communities. This is my personal opinion. Human beings are in general social beings and we are interconnected on an other level. Some people can feel that we are like nodes in a network, deeply connected.

Many centuries of division are behind us, division caused by fear. Fear for our “Rulers”, the elites who in a way “owned” the people.

In the Dutch language we have several words that show this “possession” of human beings by royalty or a (wealthy) master: “Horige” meaning “belonging to” and “lijfeigene” meaning “with body belonging to a master”. Both words signify in essence a slave.

So in that timeframe, the middle ages, at least according to written history, slavery was a hierarchic thing, land owners who allowed farmers to work on their lands for a part of the harvest. It was nearly impossible for the farmer to leave without loosing his livelihood.

The result of millennia of oppression and slavery, the division of the wealthy and the poor, the division in class, race, religion, etc. is the fear and distrust that many people experience. Survival is for many the only thing they can focus on. It’s now time to change that.

As many things are playing out on a global level and preparations are made to enslave us even more, we have to rethink how we want our societies to work. The dependency on governments and enterprises is way to big, in my opinion. Saying NO to certain global digital (wallets, ID, health information, etc.) developments is essential.

From Global to Local

The people who think they are in charge are aiming at a global society, centrally managed, through a central digital infrastructure and control mechanisms. In that worldview you are guilty until proven otherwise. There is a build-in distrust in all these control mechanisms. I believe, we the people have to do exactly the opposite.

We have to start building local communities who are largely self-sufficient, at least for our basic needs like food, water, shelter and energy. For other needs we have to establish a network of communities who exchange knowledge, skills and goods. Technology can help, but needs to be managed in a distributed way, no central management. No hierarchy is needed, the collective is responsable for the decisions made.

Many are already establishing communities, where people live and work together or even virtual communities where people support each other. Alternative money systems are available to facilitate the exchange of goods and services within and between communities.

Below I like to highlight some of the things I believe are important when establishing and/or living in a community. These are based on my own personal experience.


When you are the owner of a substantial piece of land and you want to start a community, there are a few things to consider, but first I like to give you my thoughts on ownership of land. In the current thinking, we can be owner of almost anything. Owner of a car, a house, a piece of land, stuff in general. Regarding the earth, I believe nobody should be allowed to be owner of a piece of the earth. The earth doesn’t belong to us, we belong to the earth. We should be able to use a piece of land, but in relationship to the purpose we have with the land and In harmony with nature. For example a farmer uses land to grow crops that we eat, many of us have a home on a plot of land or use a plot of land as a veggie garden. Do we need to be the owner? I don’t think so. Not even a government should be the owner of land. For example, the government in Brazil gives out land for development, being parts of the Amazon rain forest, which has a very specific purpose in the earths cycles. The whole world population is affected when the Amazon is being cut down. when everything is reduced to a monetary value, stupid things happen. We need earth consciousness not money consciousness!

Back to the subject. As the current owner of a plot of land and maybe buildings, when you want to start a community, be very aware of you being the owner and assess the ideas you personally have that you potentially want to impose on the people who want to be part of your (?) community. Make sure everything is on the table to create an atmosphere of trust, openness and equality regarding the project of starting a community. It’s okay to have ideas about a community, but make sure everything is on the table so people can see if they can consent to that or not.

When you are with a group of people wanting to buy a plot of land to start a community, figure out how to arrange the co-ownership of the property so people can join and also leave when needed without all kinds of legal constraints.


People who want to live in communities need to be able to take responsibility for their own actions, words and thoughts and the collective actions. Whenever blame comes into play, relationships get damaged and the community will start to fall apart. People start to feel less free to communicate openly, afraid of being judged and or blamed. Self censoring as a result of this fear kills the spirit of the community.


Essential in my opinion is non violent communication, to be able to observe, express emotions, state needs and the request to the other. There are many resources available on the internet.

To be able to communicate in a non violent way, it is important to be in control of your emotions, not to be the emotion, but to have it.

Already in the observation phase you should be able to observe in a neutral way not getting emotional and colouring your observations with that emotion.

Then you are able to communicate the emotion you feel in a given situation, in stead of being it: ” What I observe makes me feel irritated”. Being the emotion inhibits clear communication. In terms of inner child work, when you are the emotion, you are in most cases expressing the emotions of the inner child, you act like the child.

A good understanding of your own emotional landscape helps to stick to the facts rather then interpretations.

In this way you can clearly state your needs based on the observations and you can request an action to meet your needs.

In communication, we have to remember that through actions or words from others our old pain might be triggered. It’s important to realise where those emotions come from and not act them out. We certainly have to do something with these emotions by first acknowledge them within ourselves. Give yourself permission to feel it. Then you can decide what you want to do with them, resolve the old pain and/or communicate them.


Now more than ever we have to have our heart into whatever we do. Our heart tells us what is worth investing our energy in. Our mind can help us to execute what our heart tells us to do. In my opinion this is the way to do things. Off course, sometimes we have to do things we don’t particularly like, like cleaning. They are part of our life. It’s also possible to put your heart in activities, it’s a matter of finding the right perspective. From my own experience, at some point my job was to clean shower rooms and toilets at an outdoor sports center. To make it an enjoyable thing I shifted my perspective to the users of those facilities, how they would appreciate clean shower rooms and toilets. Through this shift in focus, I could do the job with joy and satisfaction.

Cooperation and competition

In a community there is no place for competition. We are led to believe competition is necessary to advance. I believe this is pure nonsense. I believe in cooperation to advance in any area of life. In competition between companies (when you look up the hierarchy of shareholders, there is only the appearance of competition) is the protection of inventions through patents. Progress is slowed because companies want to profit from their patents as long as possible before new inventions are released to the public. Look at the automobile, in essence still the same as 120 years ago because of the use of ‘oil’. The money machine. With cooperation we can set our boundaries, for example to only work in harmony with nature. With competition this is nearly impossible because the constant search for the competitive edge (the statement of a CEO of a steel manufacturer “we can’t produce without pollution”, because of the competitive market, produce as cheap as possible for maximum profit).

A community mimics the connection we already have through our connection to source. It combines our energies in an incredible force where love, compassion and support are expressed between all. Our way forward.