Inner child

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Inner child book available!

The inner child

By healing our inner child, we gain access to our authentic self.

The inner child is actually a part of us that lies in our subconscious, along with the patterns and programmes we have developed. These are our behaviours that automatically surface when we touch old pain.
Our inner child is none other than ourselves during our childhood, a part of us that needs attention, love and contact. Until now, we have neglected it, it was not part of our conscious life. However, it is still present in the background and determines our reaction in situations based on the pain it is still in. We react hurtfully and childishly.

Allow the child back into your life, heal the old wounds and go from surviving to LIVING!

My autobiography is finished and printed.

The book is published through publisher Ivonne Meeuwsen, which specialises in books on sexual abuse.

I wrote my story mainly for men, but also for the wives of men who have faced sexual abuse and may also have fallen into sex addiction.

In this book, I show the path I took to heal my sexuality and my sex addiction. Alongside the story, I also provide insights and tools around the themes I have faced myself.

You may want to order it for yourself or for someone else who may benefit.

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The path of the abused boy – Henk Meulendijks

The book ‘The path of the abused boy’ by Henk Meulendijks, tells the story of a Maastricht boy and his introduction to sex. The pencil peddler who lures him into a porch, as well as the negative colour of his parents’ messages about sexuality, cause Henk to develop a sex addiction. After all, sex is dirty, something shrouded in secrecy.

Sex addiction takes many forms

It is not so much the form sex addiction takes, Henk explains, but its compulsive nature. Self-gratification, chasing the next orgasm and objectifying fellow humans are ways in which sex addiction can manifest. The book starts with a short self-test where readers can see to what extent they are suffering from sex addiction. But how do you get rid of that, in a world where ‘men always want sex’ is considered normal?

The journey of Henk

To find a solution to his addiction, Henk finds much healing in Reiki and Inner Child work. Henk also travels to countries including Peru and southern France. He participates in ayahuasca ceremonies and . In the book, he shares his experiences and those of others he then mentors.

The spiritual world

Part of the answers Henk finds in the spiritual world, through channelling and working with energies. By connecting with his own intuition, with his inner, ‘Little Henk’ and by constantly allowing himself to confront the influences of the past, he slowly finds his way in life.

A happy person

Henk is a happy man who has found his way. Life is much richer when you are not constantly looking for that which does not satisfy you. His sexuality is also healed, so he no longer has to allow himself to live through his sex addiction. Instead, there is room in his life for real contact, real intimacy and true togetherness.

Order the book from the publisher

The book is expected to be released in mid-October, but you can pre-order it now! Then you will soon be one of the first to own the book. Moreover, by doing so, you help us fund the first print run.

Courtesy of publisher Ivonne Meeuwsen!

The book talks about the declaration of “Spirit Rights”, below the declaration signed by more than 150 people in 2014.