Changing direction

Where we are

It looks very much like as a society we are caught is a web of lies, untruth and manipulation.

I’m not sure to say “we” or “they”, where “they” are the people who are supposed to look after our interests. Let’s take responsibility and say “we”. To say it very blunt, our world is being fucked op. Mother nature is being abused. Let’s make a little list of things I see happening already for a long time: 

  • Delving for minerals causing great harm to our natural environment and to the people who often work in very poor and dangerous conditions.
  • Destruction of prime forests for industrial agriculture, like the Amazon and the Rain forest in Indonesia.
  • Unnatural chemicals released in nature and in our environment, think of DDT, FPAS, pesticides,  etc.
  • Plastic pollution everywhere, land, oceans, air (after being incinerated).
  • Burning of fossil fuels, oil, gaz, biomass (read trees).
  • War and conflict causing huge trauma for humans and nature.
  • Abusive social and emotional conditions in families, communities and countries.
  • Individualising society and creating separation (race, gender, culture, religion, etc.).
  • Technology and “science” used agains the people to control and manipulate, just think of topics like climate change but also on a more subtle level, through advertising, movies and government propaganda.
  • Healthcare is being chemicalised, polluting people’s bodies and our waters through our waist water.
  • Uneven distribution of wealth causing extreme poverty and lack of essential needs for a large part of the planet’s inhabitants (lack of clean water, sanitation, shelter, etc.)
  • Globalisation of almost everything at an enormous cost.


I don’t want to talk about economics, because our economic system is one of the root causes. We have been manipulated in a way of thinking that is not true and not sustainable, economics is about lack and continuing growth. The central theme is making profit at virtually all costs. Wealth is funnelled to the top of the economic pyramid. The reality is there is enough to go round and we live on a finite planet, so… To illustrate, in the 1980’s I was able to buy a house with 1 income and pay the mortgage easily. Now, couples have to work both and earn a substantial income to be able to afford a house. In the name of economic interests people are sacrificed, an example is the pollution of industry. They are not held accountable for the suffering they cause to people who have to breathe their polluted air or drink their polluted water. They just threaten the government to leave the country, lost jobs, lost taxes, etc. (most of them don’t even pay fair taxes!) Companies get permission to pollute from governments. People suffer the consequences with ill health and through our taxes we, the people pay for these consequences ourselves! It’s unbelievable.


None of it all is Natural! We are fighting nature on so many levels and it is time to turn things around. Nature is our ally, we are part of nature, so better cooperate than fight. It is like fighting ourselves! Nature provides us with everything we need:

  • Clean air to breath
  • Nutritious food to eat
  • Clean water to drink 
  • Clothing, made from natural fibres 
  • Shelter
  • Energy for warmth
  • Healing through plant medicine and many other natural therapies.
  • A lot more we still need to discover (or is it just hidden for us?)

Return to basics

Returning to nature and a natural way of living is from my perspective the only viable option. Nature can provide for all of us in nature’s way and that is what we have to re-discover. What is natures way?. For generations we have been  led astray through lies and propaganda, to adopt a more technological way of living and this is where we are now. Growing our food with poisonous chemicals is an example. The video below shows farmers growing food the natural way. when you search the web, you will find many more examples of natural farming. There are some who wants us to believe we can’t feed the world population this way, but this is one of the big lies. You can not make a profit as a corporation from farming Nature’s way!

Technology, in the broadest sense, is in essence not bad at all, we know many blessings of technology. When technology however is used to solve problems when we don’t interact with Nature in a proper way, than it becomes harmful. For example, when we use mono-crop agriculture, Chemicals are needed to reduce pests. Nature needs diversity. When tilting the soil. we are confronted with depleted and dead soil and compensate that with chemical fertiliser. Nature fertilises itself through the cycle of life and the interaction between species. A rainforest is a closed loop system.

A simple example of gardens, we need to fertilise because we take away the leaves and cuttings to the dump. If we keep everything in the garden, shred it and cover the ground between our plants, that would take care of fertility.